Twitter is Helpful For Organic Traffic

Are you trying to increase Twitter traffic to increase exposure for your company? It’s the right moment to begin making use of Twitter to increase your web traffic. In recent times, Twitter has undergone a massive resurgence in popularity. It is possible to ride the site’s popularity and gain Twitter traffic to your company and more.

You’ve heard of Charlie Sheen’s scandals and bizarre postings on Twitter. Sheen began his Twitter account in March of 2011 and has gained 2.8 millions followers after two weeks (at the date of this article’s writing). Sheen is also ahead in terms of having the most people following him per tweet. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Twitter as a real-time data collecting and sharing platform.

Following the tsunami and earthquake in Japan The number of tweets coming from Japan was at a high of 1,200 tweets per minute. Tweets coming from London or New York also hit 1,000 per minute in the aftermath of the disaster. People who were worried also utilized Twitter to check whether relatives were okay because phone lines were broken. The tragic event was able to demonstrate the way Twitter is a very effective communication tool.

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We should not forget that Twitter remains one of the most popular websites across the Internet. It’s the 9th most popular site across the Internet according to Alexa. Let’s take a examine some strategies to get a foothold in this goldmine:

To make sure that visitors are attracted by your Twitter page it is essential to have a stylish background. Naturally, this is tied to having a memorable and relevant Twitter username, as well as an engaging bio.

You can find cool backgrounds by searching Twitter backgrounds on Google. A lot of websites that offer Twitter backgrounds are also able to create an individual background should you wish.

This is almost an obvious point, isn’t it? If you are planning to utilize Twitter as a marketing and communication tool with your customers, followers and customers it is essential to create tweets that are useful and not just boring content.

If you’re famous, you could be able to post whatever you consumed for breakfast and keep your followers glued to every tweet you post however if you’re not, you should have some strategy. Tweets that are valuable can include the links to interesting and pertinent news, product announcements along with special deals and coupons for your products.

If you’re not an established celebrity, you will not have followers overnight, which is why you need to create followers. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to begin following the mavens’ followers in your area. Mavens are the most authoritative people in your market that have a long-standing, loyal following. When you start following their followers authoritative individuals, they will soon start following them and you’ll increase the number of followers. But, it is not recommended to follow more than one or two hundred people each day, because Twitter is not a fan of those that follow too many individuals at once.

The most important thing to do in order for your tweets to go famous is to have they re-tweeted in a flurry. To achieve this, you must keep your account active to make sure that people be attentive to your posts and most importantly, you must to make sure that your tweets have the potential to be genuine “link bait”.

In the world of search engine optimization world, where experts optimize their websites to achieve top rankings in search engines Link bait is any type of content that users feel the need to hyperlink to because it is enjoyable or useful. It is important to publish tweets with links to this kind of content. You may also tweets without links , but have the content that people might want to re-tweet their followers.

One of the most effective methods to gain more attention for your tweets is to post tweets during what I refer to as the “prime times. These are times when Twitter users are the most active. If your most active clients and followers are located from the USA the times to tweet typically occur during early morning Eastern Time, and in the nighttime Easter Time. For the best outcomes, you’ll need to tweet from 8am to 11am EST and 8pm until 12am EST. You can also use the exact times to target the time zone you’re in.

Twitter is referred to as a social media platform, therefore create connections between your following. React to their tweets and solicit your followers’ opinions at times. Re-tweet great posts you come across and people will begin to notice ones you’ve posted. It’s easy, if you share other people’s content they’re more likely to share your posts in the future. This is the law of reciprocity.

Twitter is among the most effective tools to generate leads for your company. It’s not a great strategy to advertise the direct sales page and then attempt to make a sales right away it is not a good idea unless your followers are already customers (in which case you could post coupons or links to your product and generate sales). So, you’ll want to sign up your followers to your personal email list so that you can keep them updated regarding your offers and content.

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